Functional Commercial Spaces

Our products are durable and functional. We are honored to work with many contractors in Wisconsin and were please to be a part of the updates taking place at a local Wastewater Treatment Facility this week. The Orbit Blend Flake, which is a blend of Blues, Black and White, provide a bright surface that will help add to all the other improvements taking place. The color choice was made to support their local High School Teams, which shows the pride in the community.

Community Volunteers

Community Volunteers are a special breed of individuals.  We were honored to be a part of a fantastic project to support the Volunteers Fire Fighters of the Town of Easton.  Transforming the floors of the Town of Easton Fire Station and Town Hall to provide the community of Easton with a bright and functional space for years to come. 

Family Farming

We spend Friday out on the Gras-Z-Hil Holstein Farm which is owned and operated by the Grassl Family.  It was an honor to watch a dedicated family work together to operate and manage their family farm while they had brought us in complete their Milk House Floor.  This can be a challenge for everyone involved when daily farming activities need to continue to flow.  Their herd is milked twice a day which gives us a window of opportunity between milkings that needs to be utilized effectively.  Allen was a great help and support to us all day and we couldn't be happier with the final outcome.  They chose Zone Garage Granite Style Flooring in Granite Flake with a Black Base.  This will provide them easy clean up and impact and slip protection for many years to come.